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Meet the Doctor

meetthedoc.gifDr. Ryan Thomas A 1998 graduate of Lakeshore High School, Dr. Thomas is excited to return home after nine years of education at the University of Nebraska where he graduated with honors.  He is also pleased to introduce you to his wife Martha, whom he met in Lincoln while in dental school.  In December 2007, Dr. Thomas and his wife and parents to twin boys, Ethan and Garrett and daughter Sydney.

Dr. Thomas provides gentle dental care to patients of all ages. He is also providing the Year One Exam for children age one and older. Being the only office in southwestern Michigan providing the exam for infants and toddlers, Dr. Thomas will lead the effort to examine children under the new American Academy of Pediatrics recomendations. The AAP wants children getting their first dental exam by Year One.

Bridgman Dentist | Meet the Doctor. Ryan Thomas is a Bridgman Dentist.