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You do not have to be afraid of the dentist anymore!  The leaders in dentistry provide a revolutionary dental procedure.  It promises no pain, less stress and is attracting patients from across the United States.  Dr. Ryan Thomas has a way of making people  very relaxed.  Because Dr. Thomas is a dentist, that ability is more desirable than the average person might think- especially if the person is on the receiving end of the drill.  Dr. RyanThomas is using a method of oral conscious sedation. 

This method involves the patient taking a pill one hour before his dental appointment and then being relaxed through the dental work- up to several hours worth.  The procedure addresses patients' fears of dental work.

"One of the biggest fears people have is going to the dentist." The Bridgman dentist reports, "There are more than 120 million 'dental phobics' in the United States. Many of them have had a bad experience as a child." "They are the white knuckle patients in the chair - some even shake because of the trauma they remember," says Thomas. Oral conscious sedation is great for dental phobics," Thomas said "and for people who have time demands. They have all their dental needs treated in one appointment rather than come back for five or six appointments." "There's no needle, no IV and little or no memory of the experience. You won't remember any sound or smells either," reports Thomas.

There is a rapidly growing acceptance of medication for patients that want to be comfortable in the dentist chair according to Dr. Thomas. "You sleep for five to six hours after taking the pill. "Work requiring multiple appointments can be done in one visit. Patients who have difficulty getting numb like oral conscious sedation because it's pain free." This also includes people who have very sensitive teeth or gag easily. Dr. Thomas says that besides eliminating pain, the patient is more relaxed and less stressed emotionally.

"Our team is always with the patient monitoring his vital signs during the procedure," Thomas said. The only requirements are that the patient be older than 18 and be accompanied with a companion to drive him/her to and from the dental office. Some people with a compromised health history may not be good candidates so a health questionnaire is completed prior to treatment.

Interested and fearful patients can receive more information from the team at  269-465-5151. "Staying away from the dentist is not necessary any more with oral conscious sedation as an option," declared Dr. Thomas.

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