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When you look in the mirror, do you see a bright, attractive smile or teeth that are dingy and yellow?  If your teeth are discolored, whitening may help.

No two smiles are alike.  Although we generally think of teeth as being white, there are many natural shades of tooth enamel that range from bright white and bluish- gray to yellow.  Genetics plays a role in the color of a person’s teeth and how quickly tooth enamel may discolor.

Teeth may become discolored for several reasons.  Discoloration may be caused by aging or injury to the mouth.  Discolored teeth may also be the result of illness, medications (such as tetracycline), dental restorations, excessive fluoride, tobacco, coffee, tea, soft drinks, red wine and other beverages and foods.  Deposits of calculus (tartar) can also discolor teeth.  Depending on the cause, enamel stains may appear brown, black, pink or gray.  “Whitening” is any process that will make teeth appear whiter.  There are two ways to achieve whiter teeth.

First, there are peroxide-containing bleaching agents that change the natural tooth color.  These products contain peroxide(s) that help remove deep (intrinsic) stains.  They include bleaching agents used in the dental office or dispensed by the dentist for home use; or they may be purchased over the counter for home use.

By contrast, non bleaching whitening toothpaste contains agents that work by physical or chemical action to help remove surface agents only.  These are available for purchase over the counter.

It may be difficult to whiten some teeth.  If your teeth are naturally yellow or have brown stains from tetracycline use, we may recommend other options such as bonding, crowns or veneers to improve your smile.

If you have several fillings, crowns, and extremely dark stains, talk to us about which tooth whitening method and product is right for you.  A thorough oral examination is essential to determine if bleaching is an appropriate course of treatment. 

After you complete the whitening process your teeth may be sensitive to temperature extremes or the gums may experience mild irritation.  If this persists, give our office a call.

Be aware that newly whitened teeth may more readily absorb stains.  It is a good idea to avoid stain-causing beverages (such as coffee, tea, red wine) for several days after the procedure.

 Always follow the home care instructions we send home with you to avoid harming your teeth and gums.  Home bleaching typically is completed in two to four weeks.  If you experience discomfort during the process, such as hypersensitivity or sores on the gums or other mouth tissues, discontinue using the product and call our office.

 If you avoid tobacco and large quantities of stain-producing foods, your teeth may remain lightened for several years, after which the whitening process may need to be repeated.

 Brushing twice a day, flossing and maintaining regular dental visits and cleanings will help keep your teeth healthy and bright!

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